A Higher Standard of Mold Remediation.
Feel safe knowing you and your loved ones are completely protected from mold, bacteria, and viruses with dry fog mold remediation

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Daytona Beach

Patented Dry Fog Tech

Our patented dry fog technology is the most effective and affordable way to disinfect and clean your home or other spaces that have high mold, bacteria, or virus levels.

A Higher Standard

Unlike traditional tear-out and rebuild methods, dry fogging greatly reduces the need for demolition. And provides a higher standard of cleanliness.

Safe for People & Pets

Our process is safe for people, pets, and the environment. Normally, your space needs to be vacant for about 6 hours – not 6 days!  Your family’s health is our highest priority.

Kill Mold and Prevent it from Growing in Florida

We Are in the Process of Introducing a New Mold Prevention Product That Uses a Probiotic In HVAC Systems to Keep All Types of Mold at Bay At All Times, Indefinitely. Contact Us Below to Learn About Our Affordable System for Killing and Preventing Mold from Ever Causing Harm to the Occupants Your Home or Business.

Jacksonville - Daytona Beach - Orlando

Visit our individual websites and read customer reviews to learn how we have been making a difference in our service areas in Jacksonville, Florida; Orlando, Florida and Daytona Beach, Florida.

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