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The savings from reduced downtime alone is reason commercial customers choose us. But Businesses and homeowners end up choosing us because we cost less and deliver superior results.

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We provide free visual inspections and estimates for homeowners, property managers, and landlords. And can then act quickly to take care of the work you need done.

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    Emergency Response

    If your situation is urgent and you need a water damage professional to walk you through what you need to do, call us immediately.

    Is water entering the property from outside or from a pipe, fixture or appliance inside?

    If it is related to a pipe, fixture or appliance, make sure you turn off the water main.


    If the source is coming from outside . . . Is it weather-related, groundwater, or a possible sprinkler pipe? 

    You may need to turn off the sprinkler main or "plug" the hole in the building envelope that is allowing water in.


    Water Damage Inspection

    If you call between 8 am and 5pm, we can be at your place within the hour. Any day of the week

    An inspection will...

      • accurately assess the work required to fully restore your home's previous appeal and its air to perfect health.
      • Give you a timeline for getting back to normal
      • Provide a cost estimate
      • And if desired discuss next steps to find out how much your insurance will cover
    water damage inspection
    Water Extraction


    For flooding or extensive water buildup we will vacuum and extract the the water and moisture, no matter how small the volume.

    Drying + Dehumidificiation

    With the bulk of the water removed, the next step is to dry out your belongings and the structure of your home. Mold can grow within 24 hours with just 60% relative humidity.  It is urgent to remove all moisture to prevent any additional mold from growing and sporing.

    Drying & Dehumidification


    We minimize the need for demolition with the use of our dry fog, but there are instances where physical removal of damaged and moldy materials is unavoidable. We will Communicate what we leave and what we need to remove so that  you know what to expect.

    Air Scrubbing

    Running HEPA Scrubbers is the next step to dry out the air at your property.  Just like water extraction gets the bulk of visible moisture, air scrubbing gets the bulk of the mold spores and other air contaminants out of your air.

    Hepa Air Scrubber
    Dry Fogging

    Dry Fogging

    Dry Fogging is the last step of air and surface remediation. If occupant health is important to you, then dry fogging is a must.

    We dry fog your home twice. Once with an EPA registered, hospital-grade sterilant and once with an FDA registered antimicrobial that provides 90 days of ongoing cleaning and protection. Treating all types of mold, viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air.

    Your home will be healthier and more sanitary than the day it was built.

    Indoor + Outdoor Mold Tests

    To confirm air quality, we include two air quality mold tests after dry fogging.  We take an indoor sample, then take an outdoor sample and compare the two.

    We guarantee fresh air indoors, or we fog your entire property again at no additional cost.

    reconstruction post water damage


    If any deconstruction of walls, flooring, and other materials had to happen, then painting and reconstruction come next.


    Like every other step, we will work with you and general contractors to the extent necessary to ensure business and life are back to normal.

    Do-it-yourself Option

     We understand that in a perfect world, we could always afford the professional.  If you are determined to take a project on by yourself to save money but would like advice and perhaps just one or two of the services done by Pure Maintenance. Give us a call, we will work with you.


    This includes sending you a mold test kit.

    Will Insurance Pay?

    Most property insurance companies will cover the cost of water damage restoration and mold remediation. Pull out your policy and call your insurance company to find out, and ask whether they require mold testing before you start your project, in order to prove you have mold. If so, this is an extra cost., but well worth it.


    The process to submit and recoup costs from insurance companies can be daunting.  If you want to maximize what your insurance pays, we will recommend a public claims adjuster with a success rate in getting insurance companies to pay. We can also assist with direct submissions to save you the hassle.

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    100% satisfaction guarantee; dry fog mold remedation

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