Mold Inspection + Mold Removal + Water Damage Restoration

Mold Removal in Hours not Days

Kill Mold, Viruses & Bacteria

Sterilize Soft + Hard Surfaces

Non-Toxic FDA Approved

Air Quality Testing

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Feel safe knowing you and your loved ones are completely protected from mold, pathogens and toxins with dry fog mold remediation



    Feel safe knowing you and your loved ones are completely protected from mold, pathogens and toxins with dry fog mold remediation

      Remove & Kill Mold in Your Jacksonville Home or Business


      Mold Inspection & Testing

      Free Mold Inspection

      You can pay as much as $600 for a full mold inspection with testing. This may be unnecessary. When there is clear and extensive water damage, multiple square feet of visible mold growth, and you don't plan to submit an insurance claim...  Then a visual inspection is more than sufficient, and investing your time and effort into mold remediation immediately is the best course of action.

      Mold & Air Quality Tests $150 /each

      Want your insurance company to pay? They may require third-party lab test results and formal inspection paperwork as proof for your insurance claim. In other words, the $600 inspection may be the best course of action.

      Other reasons to pay for mold tests are you suspect you have hidden mold. In this case, an air quality test is the only way to know if you do.  The other is if you or your doctor want the information to correlate health symptoms with other testing and health history. There are other more nuanced reasons, but with our dry fog, they are irrelevant.


      Water Damage Restoration

      We take on the lightest and toughest mold remediation projects, performing everything necessary, A to Z for safe re-entry. Best of all, we guarantee to restore your air quality to the highest levels throughout your entire home, not just the affected area.


      Our process includes scrubbing your air with HEPA filters, HEPA vacuuming, and dehumidification to draw out moisture from all materials. For any required demolition we quarantine to ensure there is no mess. Every precaution is taken to ensure the least convenience possible. With our patented dry fog we may be able to significantly reduce inconvenience and cost.


      For one-stop, full-service we work with a number of General Contractors to perform any necessary reconstruction.


      Patented Mold Remediation

      We envelop a space with our safe and non-toxic, patented dry fog within just a few hours. Killing all mold, mildew, fungus, and any bacteria. In the process, no sticky or wet residue is left, and any musty odor or other odors are entirely removed, including the smell of years of cigarette smoke.  All you are left with is a fresh slightly vinegar-like smell.


      The dry fog pushes its way into every corner, nook, and cranny and into the cracks and fibers of carpet, insulation, HVAC, and furniture. No visible surface in your home will go untouched; including surfaces, you can't see, like fog-accessible surfaces inside your walls.  For 40% of our customers, there is no demolition necessary; no mess to clean up or walls and ceilings to reconstruct.  For the rest of our customers, our dry fog approach minimizes the demolition necessary, creating an overall lower cost.


      All of this means your business or home will be completely cleansed and can be reoccupied with no further inconvenience... most often within one day!


      Mold Prevention

      Our patented dry fog process caught the attention of The Army Corps of Engineers.  They conducted a 6-month long test to see it's impact, and found that our dry fog prevents future mold growth and continuosly creates cleaner air up to 90 days after treatement.

      Request a Mold Expert to Provide a Quote and Mold Assessment

      Serving: Greater Orlando, Orange County, Seminole County and Lake County

      If you know you have black mold or a fungus or any other type of mildew or other microorganisms that could cause sickness.


      Or, if you are experiencing an increasing number and severity of asthma attacks, allergy-like symptoms, or any other health conditions, schedule a no-obligation, free estimate and visual inspection and have a technician come out and assess your situation within the next 24 hours.


      If you don't know whether you have black mold or other types of growth in your home, then fill out this form and a mold expert will give you a call to talk with you about the best next steps.


      Live far away from Orlando?  No worries.  We can have a test kit sent or refer you to one of more than 100 partners nationwide.

      Financing Available

        Mold Removal Insurance Claim Submission

        Inexpensive Mold Remediation

        Reduce Demolition

        Kill mold everywhere.  Inside your walls and under sinks. In hard-to-reach spots where you didn't know you had mold spores.  Our Dry Fog can kill mold, sometimes with little to no demolition necessary.

        Save your money - Kill Mold

        Reduce Costs

        Demolition costs money.  Construction costs money.  Labor costs money. There are safe options where we reduce all three, and share the savings with you.  Total elimination is guaranteed.

        Non-toxic, speedy

        Kill Mold Fast

        Not only does less work mean things get done faster. But a non-toxic solution means pets, family, and co-workers are back to life-as-usual, faster.  With Pure Maintenance, you reduce your "downtime."

        Mold Removal Testimonials

        Willie over at pure maintenance is the man you need, he was very kind and professional, always on time and very flexible when I had my place fogged for mold removal. Only took 5 hours and I was good to go! I definitely recommend Pure Maintenance if you are wanting to have mold removed!

        Aiden B.

        Removing water  at the source is the most important thing you can do, but with high humidity in Florida there is no way to know for sure that all mold has been eliminated.  The concept of Dry Fog makes a lot of sense as it literally envelopes your house in a fog, and mold has no place to hide. 

        John M. 

        5-star customer reviews

        Commercial Mold Removal


        Our customers can be found from Southchase all along Florida's Turnpike up through Gotha to Winter Garden, FL .  The Orlando team spends most of its time in downtown Orlando and along interstate highway 4  This includes College Park closer to Orlando, then Winter Park, and north up towards Altamonte Springs. Out west we service Paradise Heights, Apopka and its surrounding neighborhoods.  Along the east side of Orlando, we service customers in Oviedo along route 417 to Azalea Park.


        We have a team of mold remediation specialists in Daytona Beach that services Volusia and Flagler counties, from Palm Coast, FL to New Smyrna Beach. This area also includes Deland and Deltona to the west. For those that live in the greater Jacksonville including Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach and Amelia Island, and the surrounding area, we have a separate team of mold remediation specialists in Jacksonville that will take good care of you.


        Clients that periodically want to dry fog their homes, once or twice a year, to ensure there is no mold growth, can do so at any of these locations.


        If your home or business workplace is not found on the map above, give us a call or fill out the form at the link below. The rule-of-thumb is if you live in Orange County or Seminole County there is a good chance our team can take care of your needs.  Given your situation, we may be able to make the drive and if not, we have other locations throughout Florida that we can refer you to.


        Please visit our corporate location at


        Mold Removal

        Mom Holding Up Daughter2

        Percent of Homes with Mold

        Mold is everywhere. Controlling Moisture through proper construction and maintenance of the building envelope is the only way to prevent mold growth.   Do you have a properly operating demhumidification system in Altamonte Springs, FL?  If not, the persistent 60%+ humidity in Orlando is all that is needed for mold to take hold. Have you ever checked for a slow pipe, roof or other leak at your home or business in College Park, FL?  Whether it was before you moved in or afterwards, you are guaranteed to have some mold growth, no matter how slow the leak. The humid environment in Orlando and Winter Park and the surrounding communities, Doctor Phillips, Oviedo, and downtown Orlando will benefit from the improved air quality of our One-Stop Mold Removal solution.