Commercial Mold Removal

Orlando, Florida

A Higher Standard of Mold Removal, Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration for Commercial, Industrial and Government Facilities

Commercial Mold Removal

Commercial Customers

We service commercial customers from our Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach locations and 100+ partner locations nationwide.

Florida State Certified


Licensed by the State of Florida as mold remediators and mold assessors, we safely remove mold for our commercial clients in Orange County, Seminole County, and Lake County.  5-star customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Dry Fog Patented Process


We are the only commercial mold remediation, removal and water damage resotration service in North East Florida that offers the patented Pure Maintenance dry fog process. More than 20,000 satisfied customers nationwide and counting. For our commercial customers, these patents can mean far less downtime than any other approach available, while also yielding far superior results over time.

Mold Insurance Claim Help


We can help you submit an insurance claim to offset or cover the cost of your project.

We work with all property insurance companies in Florida. Our experience reduces the headache of working with insurance companies. We help with submission but don't interpret policies nor tell you whether you are covered or not. However, we can connect you with a reputable public claims adjuster who can and will maximize payout.

Eliminate Air Contaminants

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Indoor Air Quality Test

Assess the Mold Count in Your Air

Is the mold spore count too high in your indoor air? How about bacteria, pollen, dander, and allergens from dust mites?

Treat All Surfaces & Air

Occupant Health is greatly improved when all surfaces and air volume are treated.

Know What's in the Air You Breathe.

Requst an Inspection & FREE Estimate Now

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    Why Pure Maintenance Is Your Best Choice

    Mold Inspection & Air Quality Process

    From start to finish it can take just five days to complete everything... from your first call to your last air quality mold test.

    Total Time at Your Location: ~9 hours

    (40+ min inspection)

    1 - 2

    (8+ hrs to dry fog twice)

    1 - 7

    (20 min verification)




    Antimicrobial Dry Fog

    Our patented dry fog process caught the attention of The Army Corps of Engineers.  They conducted a 6-month long test to see it's impact, and found that our dry fog prevents future mold growth and continuosly creates cleaner air up to 90 days after treatement.

    Environmental Probiotics

    Good bacteria fogged into the HVAC system for commercial and healthcare applications is proven to reduce harmful bacteria, mold, viruses, dander, pollen and dust mite fecal matter 24/7/365. Prevent poor air quality, through our continuous and automatic NG-5000 HVAC units.


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